Headless ecommerce

Unlimited flexibility
and seamless integrations

Extend your ecommerce with unlimited channels, a unique customer experience for each channel and every customer.

Why is it called headless ecommerce? In a headless approach, the front end has access to the back end via the network through an API (Rest API, GraphQL) using a specific protocol. The touchpoints are usually called “heads”, and the back end of the system is called “the body”. When the work of the front end work is separated from the body, this approach is called headless.

Why is headless more than a trend?

The ultimate goal of B2B headless ecommerce is to provide the perfect customer experience to any cluster of audiences. This means a company must have various channels with a unique business logic on the same back end, while it must be possible to add and change these channels fast and riskless. Headless commerce is the only known way to 100% meet customers’ needs and achieve the desired level of flexibility in multi-store, omnichannel and multi-experience B2B ecommerce world.

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The benefits of headless commerce

Add new channels to any market segment

Different market segments such as regions, audiences or brand consumers require different channels. Each of these channels must deliver the experience that is entirely tailored to the needs of the target audience. Headless commerce makes it possible to build and modify these channels fast and seamlessly.

Unlimited amount of B2B, B2C, B2X, D2C channels

Headless is a solid guarantee that different business logics and different websites are established on top of the same digital commerce environment. By having all your digital channels on the same back end, ecommerce solutions prove to be highly stable and reliable. Having all the required channels with unique business scenarios on the same back end.

Seamless & flexible customer experience

Headless commerce perfectly serves today’s vital need for a seamless omnichannel customer experience with a multi-device access. At the same time, it helps simplify the user’s journey and reduces customers’ efforts significantly. Headless commerce is the unlimited kind of flexibility.

Test business ideas with a fast go to market

To find a better way, a company has to give it a try. Headless allows you to build a new channel and to verify your business idea with a minimum of cost, effort, and risk. The ability to try out ideas fast makes it possible to grow and expand into new markets, audiences, and niches.

We chose Virto Commerce because they were the only platform with the customizability, a .NET framework and support options that we were looking for. From the pre-service consultation to their technical team support, they were responsive and informative, and most importantly, able to provide valuable insight into our core needs.

Is headless ecommerce right for your business?

The transition to headless ecommerce is definitely a business decision, but it would be impossible to realize without a strong team of in-house developers. Another option could be a collaboration with a reliable integration partner or an acquisition of a third-party, who has experience in headless development.

In general, there are two ways to implement headless commerce. The first one is developing your own headless architecture of an online store and migrate from the current ecommerce solution. This takes a lot of time (months if not years), is very expensive and is no guarantee for a successful result. The second way is the migration of the online store to a new platform like Virto Commerce, in which the headless principle has already been implemented.

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