Cloud-Native Digital Catalog

Cloud-native B2B Digital Catalog to improve the customer experience, increase sales efficiency, and drive revenue for your company.

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Virto Commerce Cloud-Native Digital Catalog 

Virto Commerce Digital Catalog Advantages

Everything you need to run a successful and scalable enterprise digital catalog

Easy to Manage Product Information on Your Website
Easy to Manage Product Information on Your Website

Business users get the ability to manage full product information ob your website without developer's engagement, publish it accurate and timely.

Comfortable Search and Filter Products by Properties
Comfortable Search and Filter Products by Properties

By using Virto Commerce Digital Catalog you give your customers a comfortable and flexible search by properties based on the modern search engines.

Direct Connectivity for Distributors and Retail
Direct Connectivity for Distributors and Retail

Virto Commerce allows your distributors and retail to connect your digital catalog via API directly so that they always publish accurate and actual information about your products.

Why Virto Commerce Digital Catalog?

Trusted by Enterprises
All over the World

Digital catalogs based on the Virto Commerce platform are used by enterprises all over the world including Fortune 500 companies.

Integrated with the
Best Search Solutions

It is important to relay in the best-in-class search solutions to guarantee perfect user experience for your customers, partners and employees.

Absolute Freedom of
Your Digital Strategy

Virto Commerce cloud-native platform solves the challenges you meet in product information management and allows to integrate with any service or application.

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The Main Advantages of the Virto Commerce Digital Catalog

  • Multi-Country, Multi-Language, Multi-Channel
Virtual catalogs make possible to give selective accesss to products for different channels and reginons in different languages without data duplicating.
  • Integrated with the Best-In-Breed Search Engines
Out-of-the-box integration with the best search solutions offered on the market? Including Elasic Search and Azure Search.
  • Flexible Taxonomy Managed by Business Users
Absolute flexibility in catalog structure management for business users: add or remove categoris and virtual catalogs for solving of any business challenges.
  • Properties Management for Business Users
Business users can add, update or remove properties for catalogs, categories or products without development.
  • Advanced Permissions Management
Configure detailed permissions for each group of employees to catalog, category, product, property or action.
  • API Integrations for Your Customers
Direct API integration with digital catalogs from your re-sellers guarantees that end consumers have accurate and up-to-date information about your products.
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