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When we designed MediaChase ECF (now a part of Episerver) 15 years ago , we focused on the ideas about ecommerce that were relevant in 2005. The situation changed drastically over the following ten years, technologies have become very mature in the meantime. We see that the world moves towards composable ecommerce that allows you to build any channel on top of the same core business functionality. That’s why we believe that a modern ecommerce platform must be modular, cloud, API-based, and headless.

Alexander Siniouguine Virto Commerce CEO


COVID-19 make your customers expect more from ecommerce.


These challenges include:


✓ More agility

Focus on customer experience

✓ New revenue sources

✓ Smart cost reduction

✓ Marketplace capabilities

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One platform for B2B, B2C, marketplaces
Seamless customer experience
On-demand cloud scalability
Operational efficiency

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