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How to get started with B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce is the way to go if you want to offer your customers the online service they expect. How to start with B2B e-commerce is another question. Many B2B companies are discouraged from engaging in e-commerce by a combination of different factors. However, a few crucial steps and the right choices will lead your organization to online success.

Uncertainties about digital commerce in a B2B market

Fear of resistance from the sales organization, lack of e-commerce experience, uncertainty about the budget, … These fears and uncertainties are very common for B2B companies considering new and online business models. The best way to overcome those obstacles is to rely on proven technologies and experienced technology and implementation partners with a track record of strong customer references.

Start with the basics

It is always good to keep future growth in mind. When it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform, you should opt for a technology that is easy to scale and adapt along the way. At the same time, our advice is not to invest in many functionalities that you do not need from the start. This overkill might delay your project and make things more complicated than they should be.

Four essential steps

A B2B e-commerce project does not have to be complicated. Just keep in mind four essential steps or elements that have to be ready for your digital transformation: your data, your customers, your business processes and your technology.

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Ilse Lauwens
Director Marketing