Luminos Labs has been appointed a Virto Solution Partner focusing on B2B businesses in North America

November 23, 2020 – Los Angeles – Luminos Labs today announced that they are a Virto Commerce Solution Partner. Virto Commerce allows for a simplified approach to more complex business problems that are common for B2B companies throughout North America. This partnership will enable Luminos Labs to expand their capabilities when meeting the needs of their prospective client's audience. Having the opportunity to add an open source ecommerce platform will allow Luminos’ B2B clients to find solutions that meet their audience’s needs within their unique digital ecosystem.  

Luminos Labs' highly successful implementation track record and experience with other ecommerce platforms and surrounding technologies gives companies an objective picture of the B2B strength that the Virto Commerce platform offers. 

“We are extremely pleased to be recognized as a Solution Partner by Virto Commerce. We recognize an opportunity to bring Virto’s solution to complex business cases for a superior end-user purchasing experience. ” said Daniel Suciu, Chief Technology Officer at Luminos Labs. 

"With the partnership between Luminos Labs and Virto Commerce, we want to break through into B2B businesses in North America," said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO and founder of Virto Commerce. " Along with Luminos Labs' industry knowledge and years of ecommerce experience in conjunction with our composable ecommerce platform and agile approach, together we have the perfect opportunity to swiftly build digital commerce platforms and ecosystems that are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of these companies". 

"Whether it is to complement competitive platforms with missing functionality through our modular design or to address the more demanding B2B business models for companies such as marketplaces and B2B2C channel complexity, Luminos Labs is a perfect fit with a team of the right size, that is operationally seamless with the customer and staffed with industry experts in numerous B2B verticals," said Adam Willmouth, Sales Director America, Virto Commerce.  "We're excited to have them join our community and look forward to the growth of our North American regions and beyond. 


Luminos Labs specializes in complex ecommerce and digital transformation initiatives with a specific focus on seamless integrations. With over a decade of experience, Luminos Labs brings creative minds and technical expertise to make integrations agile and scalable, allowing for a digital experience that meets the needs of the modern-day consumer while empowering their clients to meet evolving customer needs.  

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