Znode alternatives

Znode alternatives

Znode is an ecommerce platform that lets you easily build websites in various niches using a single database. If you have multiple web stores and pages to manage, Znode offers a great and comprehensible strategy through a single system.

This particular platform is 100% customizable due to its open source code. With this functionality, you can start selling and promoting with an unlimited amount of possibilities. It also supports marketing tools and branding. While creating websites for your products and services, brands, and stores, you’ll be positively impressed with personalization options and functionality.

Another major advantage of Znode is that you can easily increase conversion rates with its marketing functions and blogger-optimized software. The platform itself was built to handle heavy workload which makes it a good solution for enterprise-level businesses. Scalability also comes with the package allowing you to easily change the system as your business grows bigger.

The downside of this platform is that it does not have secure transaction protocols in place and therefore can be susceptible to cyber-attacks and d-dos attacks.

It also requires a lot of coding knowledge. Without it, you may not have access to the majority of its features. So, if you are not very tech savvy, you may want to consider a different ecommerce platform that still provides essential functionality while at the same time, doesn’t send your head spinning with lots of complicated technology.

If this is the case for you, here are some alternative solutions and Znode competitors.

Big Cartel
Znode alternatives  - Big Cartel
This Znode alternative is great for creating full-featured web stores that will suit your business needs. The platform is good for small businesses and enterprise level companies alike. It comes with a dashboard that has checklists for you to complete in order to launch your web store. This includes a logo, a theme, various templates to choose from, product listings, design features, pricing, shipping options and other settings. The pricing is great for this type of ecommerce platform. You can post up to 5 product listings for free and from there offered plans start from $9.99 per month and allow you to post up to 300 product listings and items.
Send Owl
If you already have a website, you can use this alternative to Znode to embed a web store into it. There is no need to build a full-fledged online store, just make product pages. This is the simplest way of creating an ecommerce store. There isn’t any switching required, you can easily change and vary the design of your pages. This is the best platform for small stores that don’t have many products to put up. Basic plans start at $9 per month and allow you to post up to 10 products.
Znode alternatives  - Send Owl
Znode alternatives  - Ecwid
This is also an outstanding platform among znode alternatives that will give you a chance to embed a web store into an existing website. This platform provides you with the maximum freedom and can be almost considered a full-on ecommerce store. Adding product listings, managing products and setting prices haven’t been any easier than that. The templates are robust and the platform creates the design for you. Publish your store in social networks and add it to your personal blog or website. The store will be clearly organized in categories with a search tool attached making it easy to explore the store’s options. With Ecwid, you can receive an entire ecommerce store embedded right into your personal website.
PrestaShop is a hosted shopping cart solution that gives you an opportunity to launch an ecommerce store and have it hosted by the platform itself. The best thing about it is its openness. The app is completely free and lets you use the vast variety of tools in the cloud, as well as on your local servers. You can easily add popovers for customers to see your product options and browse through all of them in no time. It also comes with the filtered search option and email marketing possibilities that also provide detailed statistics about your website’s visitors and consumers. The platform allows you to manage multiple storefronts with a single account. And if you’re not satisfied with the available design templates (which are in fairness pretty limited), consider purchasing more from the store.
Znode alternatives  - PrestaShop
Znode alternatives  - OpenCart
This Znode alternative is one of the most secure solutions out there due to its top-notch security protocols. It provides the much-needed reliability and has all the data handy about your website’s current state. With OpenCart you can explore more marketing opportunities and start optimizing the content of your web store. The community is very active and gives you the necessary support along the way of setting up your web store. The solution is very flexible in its usage, allowing you to have as much freedom as you need, while at the same time, having the most complicated processes already set up. Overall it’s an affordable all-in-one solution for all of your e-commerce needs with the possibility of web-hosting adaptation.

Virto Commerce
This is the only enterprise level ecommerce solution that has an open source code. Being based on .NET 4.6 with the usage of IoC, EF, AngularJS, Liquid, MVC and many other cutting-edge technologies Virto Commerce is great at delivering the best ecommerce solutions for any needs. Whether it is SEO optimization, marketing or traffic management Virto Commerce provides you with clear and second to none instructions and services, maximizing your efforts. The Windows Cloud technology will also allow you to host it without any concerns whatsoever, ensuring the security of your site. Its ahead of the curve technology will allow you to set up a website in less than an hour, providing such incredible features as technical documentation, tech support, cloud hosting and excellent markup tools. Customize your website for any niche you want with flexible .NET 4.6 framework. This alternative to ZNODE is a truly remarkable website building tool.
Znode alternatives  - Virto Commerce