Digital Catalog for Government Services and NGOs

The only way to deliver a transparent customer experience over the long term is to grow your own e-commerce solution on top of a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform.

Digital Catalog for Government Services and NGOs

Why Virto Commerce Digital Catalog Is a Perfect Fit for Your Case?

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Trusted by Enterprises All over the World
Digital catalogs based on the Virto Commerce platform are used by enterprises all over the world, including Fortune 500 companies.
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Integrated with the Best Search Solutions
It is important to relay in the best-in-class search solutions to guarantee perfect user experience for your customers, partners and employees.
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Absolute Freedom of Your Digital Strategy
Virto Commerce solves the challenges you meet in product information management and allows you to integrate with any service or application.

How Would It Be Applied for Non-profit Organizations?

The digital catalog is not only about selling products. You need a digital catalog whenever you want people tofind the relevant service, donation recipient, benevolent program or volunteer activities in your huge online list. The digital catalog creates pre-condition for seamless people connection.

Help people to find what they want. Thanks to flexible taxonomy and enterprise quality search, you can manage your lists in the best way without development and help people find the most relevant service.

Help people to understand what you need. Being able to easily manage the standard list of goods, services, or other entities in the digital catalog can help your donators and volunteers find the relevant items in your huge lists.

 Streamline people's connection. When people can easily find the service they want, and communicate this to you, with your standard terms, itensures a seamless collaboration, reduces costs, efforts and risk of mistake.

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Virto Commerce Digital Catalog Advantages

Everything you need to run a successful and scalable enterprise e-catalog

 Easy to manage product information on your website. Your employees get the ability to manage full product information on your website without the developer's engagement, publish it accurately and in a timely manner.

 Comfortable search and filter your products and services. By using the Virto Commerce Digital Catalog, you give your customers a comfortable and flexible search by properties based on the modern search engines.

 Direct connectivity with third-party solutions. Virto Commerce allows your partner organizations to connect your digital catalog directly via API, so they always publish accurate and actual information when required.

A Few Words From Our Client

We chose Virto Commerce for the Executive Office of the US Government supply chain solution because it is the only platform that could meet our business user requirements and the technical requirements of being customizable, flexible, secure, open source, and built on a Microsoft .NET technology stack.

 Isaac Barnes
Isaac Barnes, Vice President
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The Main Features of the Virto Commerce Digital Catalog

Integration with the Best-In-Breed Search Engines
Virtual catalogs give selective access to products for different channels and regions in various languages without duplicating data.

integration with the best search solutions offered on the market, including Elastic Search and Azure Search.
Taxonomy Managed by Business & Management
Absolute flexibility in catalog structure management for business users: add or remove categories, catalogs and properties for solving of any challenges.

Configure detailed permissions for each group of employees to catalog, category, product, property or action.
API Integration for Your Partner Organizations
Direct API integration with digital catalogs of your partner organizations guarantees that end consumers will have accurate and up-to-date information about your services and products.

Run unique business scenarios within a true headless ecommerce architecture.

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