E-commerce white papers

Experts in enterprise and B2B e-commerce have put together a collection of informative white papers on the top issues companies face in their e-commerce journeys. Please feel free to download and share our white papers, and if you have any topics you think we should explore, please contact us.

We are always looking for new ways to help and guide our customers through the complicated world of enterprise e-commerce.

The 5 pitfalls leading to replatform

In this white paper, we reveal five common pitfalls to avoid when selecting digital commerce technology. Learn how our customers have been successful in their efforts to accomplish overcoming these pitfalls.

Top B2B e-commerce challenges & solutions

B2B e-commerce encounter specific business model and process challenges which require customized solutions. In this white paper we'll provide you with the top challenges that B2B e-commerce websites face and how to solve them.

Top 5 benefits of the cloud for e-commerce

Every e-commerce company is looking for ways to grow sales, improve go-to-market speed and accelerate performance. In this white paper we'll provide five insights and key benefits of switching to a cloud e-commerce solution.

Common pains of e-commerce website migration and how to avoid them

This white paper provides insight on how to avoid and overcome the typical e-commerce platform migration problems.

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Learn from success stories

Bosch Thermotechnik wanted a direct line of communication with their customer base. To gain this important customer access, they decided to create a customer loyalty program that awarded points and ultimately allowed them to interact directly with their customers. More info?

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Find out how 'The Executive Office of the Government' gave a standing ovation because of the drastic improvement, design, ease of use and efficiency of its new supply chain solution, and the transformation from their old system and process.

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Would you like to find out how 'Lavazza by Bluespresso', created a robust and flexible platform, that could process complex pricing and order lists and was able to integrate across different systems? Make sure to ready our case study.

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