B2B Enterprise Marketplaces. Essential Functionality Handbook for 2021

Learn how marketplaces became the strongest force driving ecommerce growth.

6 Principles for Successful Replatforming in 2021: Way to Composable Commerce


Why you should compose and not replace. Keep as much existing software under the new paradigm as possible. Learn how to avoid common Replatforming pitfalls and save time and money by just choosing the right strategy in 2021. 

Why Headless Architecture?


'Why Headless Architecture?' is a White Paper that covers headless architecture principles and their benefits for B2B ecommerce companies. Learn why the time to go headless has finally arrived, and why those who fail to make the adjustment will eventually be left behind.


Great Customer Experience in B2B eCommerce: A Guarantee of Business Growth


Customer experience is the key to success for thriving enterprise companies. In this white paper, you will learn why customer experience offers the greatest potential for you to overcome the competition in modern ecommerce.

10 Features for Distribution and Manufacturing industries for B2B eCommerce Excellence 


Learn how Virto Commerce provides a tremendous competitive advantage: it’s an API-based, headless, composable, and extensible ecommerce solution that can deal with vast amounts of data, integrate with third-party systems, and adapt to the  needs of your growing business.

Top B2B eCommerce Challenges & Solutions


B2B ecommerce encounter specific business model and process challenges which require customized solutions. In this white paper we'll provide you with the top challenges that B2B ecommerce websites face and how to solve them.

B2B Extensibility: 4 Main Principles of extending eCommerce to B2B


Over the past decade, there has been a shift to focus on a customer-centric solution across B2B and B2C digital platforms. Download this white paper to learn why you should focus on achieving your business goal through improvements instead of a costly replatforming.

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