You Can Now Add Geo-Point Datatype Into Product's Properties in Virto Commerce

Published on 11 January 2018 in

Virto Commerce has recently added a new platform module that will allow its users to add Geo-point datatype into their product properties.

A geo-point is a single latitude/longitude point on the Earth’s surface. Geo-points can be used to calculate distance from a point, to determine whether a point falls within a bounding box or in aggregations.

With this new Virto Commerce feature, the following changes and additions are available:

• Ability to add a new product property as Geo-point;

• Elastic Search should index it as geo-point;

• Search service should provide ability to find nearest products by geo-point;

• Search service should provide ability to order by distance from geo-point.

"We're happy to offer this new service to our users. Finding the closest branches in B2B scenario is now a part of our offered B2B solution. Geolocation options are extremely useful for many types of stores and we hope our customers will find this new feature beneficial." - Alexander Siniouguine, CEO of Virto Commerce.

Please check this page for details: