Add Geo-Point datatype to the properties of the product in Virto Commerce

Virto Commerce has recently added a new platform module that will allow its users to add Geo-Point datatype into their product properties.

A geo-point is a single latitude and longitude point on the Earth’s surface. Geo-points can be used to calculate distance from a point, to determine whether a point falls within a bounding box or in aggregations.

What Geo-Point datatype enables?

With this new geo-point field type, the following changes and additions are available to any company running on Virto Commerce ecommerce platform:

  • Ability to add a new product property as geo-point;
  • Elastic Search should index it as geo-point;
  • Search service should provide the ability to find nearest products by geo-point;
  • Search service should provide the ability to order by distance from geo-point.

"We are happy to offer this new service to our users. Finding the closest branches in the B2B scenario is now a part of our offered B2B ecommerce platform. Geolocation options are extremely useful for many types of stores and we hope our customers will find this new feature beneficial." - Alexander Siniouguine, CEO of Virto Commerce.

You can find more about the new Geo-Point datatype in our GitHub repository:
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About the author of this article

Oleg Zhuk
Technical Product Owner

Oleg is a leading technologist and has grown professionally from being senior C++ and C# developer to solution architect. He joined Virto Commerce as a Solution Architect was promoted to lead Technical Product Owner. Oleg has leadership and communication skills and has had the opportunity to coach solution architects and share best practices of building great architecture. He holds a degree in mathematics from the Emmanuel Kant State University.