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Virto Commerce selected by Natrol®

Oct 21, 2019 • 5 min

Today, Virto Commerce, a leading digital ecommerce software provider, announced that Natrol® LLC selected the Virto Commerce digital platform to enable direct-to-consumer transactions.

Natrol is a prominent U.S. manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and supplements that also distributes its brandsworldwide. Natrol chose Virto Commerce primarily because it aligns with Natrol’s core values and principles of quality, efficiency, innovation and agility. Virto Commerce is a proven, quality B2B ecommerce platform that enables the brands, that have implemented it, to integrate seamlessly with their customer service operations and inventory management, scale with their businesses, be highly flexible and adapt to changing market and business needs and as a result, drive bottom-line results.

Direct-to-Consumer Ecommerce Platform by Virto Commerce

“We are excited to work with Natrol and their ecommerce agency partner; No Limits Interactive, to improve not only the consumers’ online shopping experience but also Natrol’s enterprise-wide ecommerce capability," said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO and Founder of Virto Commerce. “Digital commerce transformation is critical for companies like Natrol; they are making a strategic shift to build a commerce platform to serve customers better, own the distributor relationship, and mine the insights from the usage patterns.”

In return for Virto Commerce’s implementation, Natrol expects higher consumer satisfaction. “We will be giving our consumers direct access to our extensive line of Natrol products. They will be able to participate in helping shape higher quality products for better consumer outcomes. And we will also give them much in return through generous loyalty purchase programs,” stated Andrew Houlberg, President of Natrol.

"In order to start selling directly to our consumers online, we needed to carefully partner with a strategic software company with a proven track record who will help us embrace a direct-to-consumer transactional capability,” Houlberg continues. “We are pleased to be working with Virto Commerce and No Limits Interactive for our solution.”

Virto Commerce is the best choice ecommerce solution because of its modularity, scalability, and flexibility

“Our team selected Virto Commerce as the best choice for Natrol’s ecommerce solution because of its modularity, scalability, flexibility and lengthy track record,” noted Nancy Johnston, CEO of No Limits Interactive. “We look forward to the successful implementation and creation of a digital ecommerce presence that will delight consumers with a premium user experience.”

About Virto Commerce

Virto Commerce is a worldwide leader in B2B digital commerce software founded in 2011 by industry experts with decades of ecommerce experience. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Virto Commerce provides robust digital ecommerce technology, services and expertise to over 100 companies worldwide. Customers of Virto Commerce strategically use our cloud-based, open source, .NET platform to build stronger customer relationships and rapidly increase global online sales.

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