Virto Commerce is Excited to Announce Troupper as a Virto Commerce Solution Partner

Troupper is named Virto Commerce Solution Partner for B2B/B2C digital commerce with focus on Latin America and the Caribbean

November 2, 2020 – Miami – Troupper announced today that they have been appointed Virto Commerce Solution Partner. By choosing to partner with a prominent case of asp net open source ecommerce like Virto Commerce, they are opting for the robust composable commerce technology that has provided a platform deployed globally for more than 10 years. 

Headquartered in Miami, Troupper will focus on B2B/B2C digital commerce with their regional teams in Latin America and the Caribbean, delivering high value to their customers by committing to connecting user experience, process automation and analytics facilitated by the world' s best technology partners. 

With Troupper, Virto Commerce has chosen a partner who wants to make a positive difference in their region by enabling companies to grow faster than the current changes and by providing end-to-end B2B & B2C digital commerce solutions ( top - notch B2B marketplace website for one) for their business challenges and opportunities. 

“We are thrilled to combine our 40 years of experience with the knowledge of Virto Commerce to guide companies in Latin America and the Caribbean as they grow their business with this incredible platform, “ said Victor Alvarez, Vice President of Commercial Relations at Troupper. 

"This partnership between Troupper and Virto Commerce positions us as a top choice for B2B & B2C digital commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean," said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO and founder of Virto Commerce. "Together with Troupper's deep expertise, leading customers, industry know-how and our state-of-the-art Virto Commerce platform, we are uniquely placed to achieve significant ecommerce growth for our joint customers.” 

"We are very pleased to announce this cooperation with Troupper, which will enable us to better serve Latin America and the Caribbean," said Adam Willmouth, Sales Director Americas, Virto Commerce. "Troupper is willing to demonstrate their ability to realize Virto Commerce's vision of digital commerce. Using the latest methods of digital commerce transformation, they want to prove to our common customers in the future their ability to face everyday changes by offering complex digital commerce solutions that respond to the constantly evolving digital commerce landscape".


Troupper is a technology company with a mission to unleash the full potential of their clients from a business lens and trough fast value realizations methodologies. Headquarter in Miami, FL and with regional teams across Latin America & Caribbean. Troupper is delivering high value to their customers by focusing on connecting user experience, processes automation and analytics enabled by the best technology’s partners in the world.


Virto Commerce is a worldwide leader in B2B digital commerce software and  and was founded in 2011 by industry experts with decades of ecommerce experience. Virto Commerce with its B2B sales platform provides robust composable digital commerce technology and expertise to over 100 companies worldwide. Customers of Virto Commerce strategically use the open source Virto Commerce platform to build stronger customer relationships, improve customer experience and rapidly increase global online sales. 

Ilse Lauwens
linkedin icon Director Marketing