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A robust B2B portal with out-of-the-box features like corporate account management, account-based pricing and catalogs, custom workflows, RFQ, and more!

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Why Is the Virto Commerce B2B Portal a Perfect Fit for Your Digital Strategy?

Start delivering unique user experience within 3 months and continue to improve your digital B2B business without any restrictions.

B2C Solutions Don’t Offer a Solution for B2B Complexity

B2B digital interactions are much more complex compared to B2C. That is why you should be critical selecting a solution to implement your B2B digital strategy.

Trusted by Enterprises around the World

B2B portals based on the Virto Commerce platform are used by enterprises all over the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Absolute Freedom for Your Digital Strategy

Virto Commerce cloud-native B2B Portal provides absolute out-of-the-box flexibility, solves critical B2B challenges and gives a total freedom of integration with any ERP, marketing tools or AI services.

Virto Commerce B2B Portal Features

Personalized Digital Catalog Management

Rich digital catalog management functionality with flexible taxonomy and personalized availability that can be easily integrated with ERP, external catalogs or an enterprise PIM engine.

Checkout, Order and Stock Management

Creating order drafts, submitting orders, reordering, submitting quotes and real-time access to order status makes everything 100% transparent for your customers.


Multiple options for up-sell and cross-sell technologies including flexible management of products association lists and integration with AI recommendation services.

Account Based Pricing and Marketing

Offers customized pricing rules of any complexity for purchasing companies, so that every user of the company concerned can see their own products, prices and promotions.

Account Managers and Support Friendly

It is always possible to check a log history or log in on behalf of a business user, see what he sees and solve the problem or help make an order.

Business User Personal Cabinet

All business data is available for business users based on their permissions: orders and payments status and history, invoices, contracts, quotations, and so on.

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Everything You Need to Run a Scalable B2B eCommerce Portal

B2B Specific Functional Features

Account-based pricing and marketing, flexible role-based management, customized or contract-based access to products and services, full access to business data in the cabinet.

Align Your eCommerce with Your Business Model

Set custom workflows to fit your business model and invent new ones: quotes, subscriptions, reordering, contract-based pricing, multilevel approval workflow and others.

Integrate Easily with Any Business Software

An API-based platform turns your B2B portal into a real digital gateway for your customers. Integrate easily with any ERP (SAP, Dynamics AX, Sage...), datawarehouse or other services and applications. 

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