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Virto Commerce Vendor Portal is the next step to digital commerce connectivity. Start delivering a unique user experience within 3 months and continue to improve your digital B2B business without any restrictions.
Vendor Portal
Vendor Portal Virto Commerce


Why Switch to Vendor Portal?


  • Some companies build a real marketplace, and some allow sellers to simply manage product descriptions, pricing, inventory, and more or limit access. Virto Commerce allows you to set the required level of connectivity for your company so you can give your suppliers as much freedom as you want.

Virto Commerce Vendor Portal Features

 Access Management
Flexible Access Management for Everything
Configure detailed permissions for each group of sellers to catalog, category, product and action.
External Catalogs
Integrate with External Catalogs
External digital catalogs allow you to drastically extend the assortment available for your customers, test new suppliers, products and markets.
Allow the Seller's Users to Manage Products
Seller can add, remove or update products according to its permissions.
Supply Chain Managers
Supply Chain Managers and Support Friendly
You can always check a log history or just log in on behalf of a seller's user, see what he sees and solve the problem or simply help make an order.
Allow the Seller's Users to Manage Categories
Seller can be allowed to manage the taxonomy: add, remove or update categories based on permissions.
Business User Personal Cabinet
Access for Seller's Users to Merchandising
Seller's users may be given permission to manage merchandising lists related to their products: frequently bought together, up-sell and cross-sell lists and so on.

10 Features for Distribution and Manufacturing industries for B2B eCommerce Excellence

Everything You Need to Run a Scalable Vendor Portal

Create Your Custom Marketplace Model
Ability to delegate any function that your employees can perform to seller's users. Possibility to limit your seller with a variety of objects and actions he is authorized to work with.
Connect to External Digital Catalogs
Connecting to external digital catalogs allows you to drastically extend the assortment available to your customers, test new suppliers, products and markets.
Direct Connectivity for Sellers & Manufacturers
Virto Commerce allows your suppliers to connect via API directly and get access to functions you would like to delegate: managing products, pricing, inventory, etc.

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