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Press Release announcing RB2 Partnership

Dutch rb2 and Virto Commerce Join Forces for Digital Commerce Strategic Partnership

Purmerend / Los Angeles -- (NEWSWIRE) May 7, 2019 - Today rb2, a Dutch digital development agency specializing in innovative ecommerce and loyalty solutions, and Virto Commerce, worldwide leader in B2B digital commerce software solutions, announced a strategic partnership to serve the Dutch market.

In this new collaboration, rb2 and Virto Commerce will provide digital commerce technology and expertise to Dutch manufacturers and distributors who want to expand their commerce capabilities and scalability within their digital ecosystem.

As the market for B2B digital commerce continues expanding rapidly, organizations are realizing that they will be able to successfully conduct business online only if they provide an excellent user experience, top performance speed, and premium functionality. To deliver on this, companies need a scalable and flexible digital commerce platform in addition to an experienced software integration partner. Virto Commerce offers the ideal platform for B2B organizations who want to take the next step in digital commerce. For this reason, rb2 has selected Virto Commerce as their strategic partner to deliver complex B2B ecommerce projects.

"Backed by decades of experience, rb2 helps companies transform their business processes by implementing digital commerce solutions across their organizations," says Dennis van Marle, Managing Partner of rb2. "Together with its clients, rb2 and Virto Commerce can anticipate pitfalls and position the projects for ultimate success."

"Virto Commerce provides the correct technical answer to the ecommerce question," says Richard Birksteiner, Chief Technology Officer of rb2. "By working together with Virto Commerce, we will help our customers optimize their omni-channel commerce and will help them achieve their goals and transform their business."

"This collaboration between rb2 and Virto Commerce positions us as a top choice for Dutch manufacturers and distributors, "said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO and founder of Virto Commerce. "Together with rb2's extensive experience, prominent customers, industry knowledge and our innovative Virto Commerce platform, we are uniquely positioned to achieve rapid ecommerce success for our customers."

"We are exteremely pleased to announce this collaboration with rb2, which will enable us to better serve the Dutch market," said Alain Van Hove, Sales Director EMEA, Virto Commerce. "Rb2 is a technological precursor that has proven to have the necessary knowledge and experience to translate customers business ideas into innovative commerce applications based on the Virto Commerce platform."

About rb2

At rb2 we think and dream technology. With over 100 developers and project managers in China, Signapore and the head office in Purmerend (NH), our digital development agency develops high-quality digital platforms, applications and tools for demanding customers. Rb2 specializes in innovative ecommerce and loyalty solutions, attractive subscription models, powerful metasearch engines and flexible platforms.