Ntara Selects Virto Commerce Platform With Strategic Partnership Announcement

Specializing in scalable ecommerce software solutions for manufacturers and distributor

Los Angeles, CA, November 15, 2018 (Newswire) - Ntara, an enterprise digital services agency and Virto Commerce, a leading provider of B2B ecommerce software, today announced a strategic partnership to better serve manufacturers and distributors who are looking to expand their ecommerce capabilities and scalability within their digital ecosystem.

Ntara is a Certified Virto Commerce partner that provides ecommerce expertise and data-driven solutions to clients who want to transform their business and digital ecosystem. Ntara selected Virto Commerce over other ecommerce software because of its superior architecture, flexible, scalable, open source and built on the Microsoft technology stack.

“We have added Virto Commerce as a key technology in our ecommerce line-up because it is among the most extensible and customizable platforms on the market today,” said Andy Didyk, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ntara. “For clients that demand the ultimate level of flexibility, we often recommend Virto Commerce.”

Ntara’s partnership with Virto Commerce enables clients to optimize their customer experience, deploy multiple touchpoints and share operational and technical capabilities across the entire organization. By implementing an ecommerce solution, clients will build stronger customer relationships and rapidly increase global online sales.

“The partnership between Ntara and Virto Commerce positions us together as a top choice for manufacturers and distributors,” said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO and Founder of Virto Commerce. “With Ntara’s depth of experience and industry knowledge and our innovative Virto Commerce platform, we are uniquely positioned to achieve rapid ecommerce success for our clients.”

About Ntara

Ntara is a digital agency dedicated to harnessing the combined power of strategy, design and technology to solve the challenges of marketing, sales, and IT organizations. Our solutions increase revenue, lower costs, and boost productivity. Ntara specializes in three specific, mid-market to enterprise verticals: branded manufacturers & distributors, healthcare & institutions, and technology companies.

About Virto Commerce

Virto Commerce is a worldwide leader in B2B digital commerce software founded in 2011 by industry experts with decades of ecommerce experience. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Virto Commerce provides robust digital ecommerce technology, services and expertise to over 100 companies worldwide. Customers of Virto Commerce strategically use our cloud-based, open source, .NET platform to build stronger customer relationships and rapidly increase global online sales.

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Alexander Siniouguine
Alexander Siniouguine
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