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6 principles to transform to a headless composable ecommerce platform

Download our infographic on 6 principles of transforming to a headless composable ecommerce platform. The business must change its mindset to headless composable ecommerce and focus on achieving business goals.

Top 5 B2B Marketing Trends for 2022

Download our infographic on the Top 5 B2B Marketing Trends 2022 to better prepare your marketing team for the upcoming year. 


Checklist for ensuring a great customer experience in B2B ecommerce

The key to the success of a B2B ecommerce platform deployment does not reside in technology excellence but in customer satisfaction. This checklist covers the main principles that enable B2B ecommerce company to design a platform that meets all of its customers’ expectations.

eBook on the 10 most strategic B2B ecommerce trends for 2021 and beyond

The world will never be the same again. This year will be remembered for the burst eruption of B2B ecommerce activity, driven by digitalization trends and the pandemic.  Download our newest ebook about the 10 most strategic B2B ecommerce trends for 2021 and beyond.

7 principles of a winning customer experience


This infographic covers 7 main principles that, according to our experience, enable a B2B company to design a platform that meets all of its customers’ expectations. We strive to help enterprises boost their business based on these 7 elaborated principles.

eBook on the current world trends regarding ecommerce platforms

Choosing the perfect eCommerce platform to start an online store may be challenging. Download our e-book to have valuable insights on the current world trends regarding eCommerce platforms, as well as predictions about what will happen with them and the whole eCommerce industry in 2021.


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Transitioning to a headless composable ecommerce ecosystem

As B2B buyers demand better service and competition among sellers keeps rising, online companies push ahead with technology ecosystems designed to serve customers. Read this interview with Evgeny Grigul, Vice President of Virto Commerce.

eBook for ensuring a great customer experience in B2B ecommerce

This ebook reveals, backed by real-world examples that the key to success of a B2B ecommerce platform deployment depends on customer satisfaction.

Building open ecosystems to support complex digital B2B commerce

Find out how an open ecommerce ecosystem allows B2B companies to adapt to the quickly changing environment and gain advantages of new artificial intelligence (AI) instruments by reading the following interview with Evgeny Grigul, Vice President of Virto Commerce.

eBook on transforming to a composable ecommerce platform

Companies should stop looking for a magic solution that solves everything and focus on "composing" digital commerce that consists of applications that collectively deliver the best possible customer experience for customers. Discover more in our ebook. 

Checklist for transforming to a headless composable ecommerce platform

Download our checklist and gain new ecommerce experience and insights. Learn why the company needs to change its mindset to headless composable ecommerce to achieve its business goals.

A headless API-based architecture makes a B2B ecommerce platform customer focused

Read this executive conversation with Alexander Siniouguine and discover how a B2B ecommerce platform with a headless API-based architecture will ensure that customer experience (CX) focus.

Video Lavazza by Bluespresso

Learn how RB2 and Virto Commerce created a new and unified B2B & B2C ecommerce solution for ‘Lavazza by Bluespresso’ to realize their commercial ambitions and gain insights into their customer behavior.

Checklist on digital transformation

Everyone dreams of returning to normal. Those who invest in ecommerce now will survive afterwards. Are you willing to adapt your online business to the changes in the market? Then start transforming your business now, not in a few months. The second best time is now.

eBook on key factors

Would you like to boost your sales numbers by improving efficiency and automation? 

eCommerce definitely means booming business for B2B organizations. However, some companies fear they will no longer be able to give their customers a personal approach through online sales. Download your free ebook and find out!

eBook on ROI ecommerce

B2B ecommerce is projected to experience the largest growth in the field of ecommerce. That is why it is key for B2B businesses to invest in an agile solution that helps them tackle today’s challenges, and grow along with the company. But how exactly do you measure the impact of such an investment?

Video B2B ecommerce

Watch this Virto Commerce video on the truly scalable enterprise ecommerce platform, based on agile principles. The market is changing fast and more and more companies are adding an online sales channel to their business. Find out more.

Download the architectural guidelines

Virto Commerce is an API-driven, headless ecommerce platform designed to build large and complex digital commerce solutions for B2B, B2C, B2X, D2C or B2B2C companies, marketplaces and SaaS derived commerce platforms. Download the Virto Commerce architectural guidelines.

Video at Virto Commerce

As a worldwide leader in B2B digital commerce software, we have a great team with decades of experience in ecommerce at more than 100 companies around the world. Check out the video and see for yourself what we do.

Infographic on replatforming

Even though the necessity is as clear as day, choosing a (new) ecommerce platform is not an easy task. Usually, there is a wide choice between different platforms, each with their own limitations, and one always comes across pitfalls.  That is why it is essential to choose a platform that is flexible and easily adaptable.

Video about solving challenges

Find out how Virto Commerce can help you in solving uniquely complex digital commerce challenges, for B2B, B2C, B2X and D2C. Start fast, grow fearlessly. 
Watch this video and learn more about the way we work.