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Elastic Path Alternatives and Competitors

Aug 14, 2020 • 5 min

Elastic Path is one of the greatest offers a great e-commerce solution for businesses offering digital services online. Thanks to the Coretex API technology, the platform delivers consistent transactional data, which can be displayed in real-time to any of your customer channels.

The platform also offers advanced features like personalized merchandising, product information management and native website builder that come right out of the box.

Another important factor to consider is that Elastic Path is an open source platform that can bring you advanced features and enable a better customer experience. This particular solution is very clean and does not require installation of enormous amounts of plugins.

Despite that this platform is a Java-based e-commerce solution, it will be easy for any experienced programmers to figure out. Its rich SEO features and flexible framework have prompted companies like Garmin, Western Union, TimeInc and Kiabi to pick this particular platform over the others.

Although the platform’s enormous range of features, its open source code can also be a downside for some users. The majority of business owners are not that tech-savvy andmight have a hard time working with this platform. The lack of blogging software can also be a challenge. If this is a critical feature for your business, you might have to install another platform for content management, thus reducing the website’s response speed.

If these issues look like they might be deal breakers for you, here are some of the most popular Elastic Path alternatives.


Demandware offers the channel management and content management features that Elastic Path lacks. This Elastic Path alternative is also a SaaS platform, which means youdon’t have to worry about maintaining its infrastructure. With Demandware’s vast template library, you can easily build an eye-catching website and implement the best UX practices within it. With total control over the creation of your web store, there is no need to worry about technical aspects of the platform, like database management and networks.

The only downside about this particular alternative to Elastic Path is its human resource requirements, meaning you might need to hire a professional programmer. However, if you are looking for an enterprise solution and have the development power and resources to manage Demandware’s top features and practices, then you should definitely look into this e-commerce platform.

Taulia dynamic discounting platform & supply chain solution


With this platform, you can embed a personal web store into an already existing page, so you don’t have to to go through the entire sophisticated process of setting it up yourself. The web store requires almost no technical experience, as the Ecwid's builder is pretty intuitive. It also gives you the maximum amount of tools possible without limiting your creativity.

As a result, you will get a fully-fledged web store with all the essential features you would want to see at once. Are you worried what it will look like? Don’t, as you will have a tremendous amount of templates at your disposal, specifically designed to meet the needs of your web store. Feel free to add product listings, manage your products and add images. Check the reviews posted by your customers and enable the social media marketing feature to bring your product to more potential clients.

The products in your web store will be naturally organized by categories, with the option of a search function and filtered search. You can also publish your store on Facebook or any other personal website or blog and enjoy the pocket version of an e-commerce store with the same features.

Taulia dynamic discounting platform & supply chain solution


If you are an enterprise company with development resources, you should also consider Magento as another Elastic Path alternative. It offers enormous flexibility due to its open source code, customizability with Magento’s agile features, extensions, and plugins that expand your options, when it comes to your website’s functionality.

With the three distinct platforms: Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, you can start innovating and increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Great e-commerce functionality will be available to you right out-of-the-box. With the global assets and modules, it is now easy to scale your business into new markets and sell beyond business hours.

Taulia dynamic discounting platform & supply chain solution

Virto Commerce

When selecting Virto Commerce as an Elastic Path alternative, you can be confident that you choose the platform most suited to your e-commerce needs. This platform is an open source solution, but there is no stress for someone who is not all that familiar with coding. Thanks to being the cutting edge asp.net ecommerce platform and technologies like Angular and Liquid on which the platform is built, it provides an easy set-up and operation. You will be able to build your website in no time and start selling fast.

Virto's B2B eCommerce solution can be used by any business of any size. Whether it is a small one or an enterprise-level company, the platform provides the necessary functionality and some nifty additional features relevant to your field.

vThe simplicity of the platform’s user interface and its agile technologies will allow you to market your business quickly and without breaking a sweat. After creating your store, you can deploy it using reliable and secure Microsoft Cloud and scale it with sophisticated multichannel solutions that other Elastic Path alternatives lack.

Because of the flexible pricing of a cloud solution, a B2B marketplace, etc. you can save a lot in the long run. And the way its functionality is built allows your business to achieve high customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates without having to hire any customer support team members.

Taulia dynamic discounting platform & supply chain solution

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