Virto Marketplace for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Virto Commerce announces a seamless marketplace connector launch for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 9, 2022 – Virto Commerce, a leading provider of B2B digital commerce solutions, has built a seamless marketplace connector that allows ecommerce stores that run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to add the Virto Marketplace product and extend ecommerce with multi-vendor capabilities. Customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can now find and download Virto Marketplace on the Microsoft AppSource.

Virto Marketplace natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and seamlessly extends Dynamics 365 ecommerce store to connect to sellers and customers. Virto Marketplace is one of the most advanced marketplace solutions on the market and can be adapted, extended, or recomposed to accommodate different marketplace requirements and business scenarios.

Virto Commerce remains a dedicated and active partner in the Microsoft ecosystem and continues to offer Microsoft customers high-quality software solutions that consistently meet end-user expectations. Today, we are extremely excited to release Virto Marketplace, a multi-vendor marketplace extension, to the Microsoft AppSource, thereby adding a new, highly anticipated application to D365 commerce customers.

Virto Marketplace comes with vendor - and operator - specific functionality that caters to both B2B and B2C markets. Among its broad range of features, Virto offers account-based pricing, marketing, and catalog management, flexible role-based management, split shipments, subscriptions, and so on. Virto’s modular, API-first architecture allows businesses to quickly adapt to market changes and effectively address the needs of its customers.

I am sure business owners who run their commerce enterprises on Microsoft Dynamics will appreciate the flexibility and adaptability of Virto Marketplace. Our marketplace product is a fantastic addition to any business who wish to expand their digital commerce and add multi-vendor capabilities to their existing D365 stores.

About Virto Commerce

Virto Commerce is an enterprise-grade B2B-first eCommerce solution provider that enables business innovations, true extensibility and digital revenue growth. Virto’s headless, modular, API-based .NET-based architecture offers powerful technology that solves digital challenges of any complexity, fits complex business scenarios and different business models like B2X, B2B2X, D2C, Marketplace, etc. Virto’s fully-composable and adaptable platform-as-a-service has got all your digital ambitions covered.

Virto empowers hundreds of businesses throughout the world with top-notch technology and is trusted by companies like The HEINEKEN Group, Hyundai, Lavazza, Bosch, and De Havilland.

Virto Commerce is a part of Virto Commerce Group headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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