Azure ecommerce hosting

Cloud based hosting

Host on your own terms with Microsoft Cloud (Azure). All advantages of SaaS without any restrictions.

Your domain name

Your ecommerce website can use a new or existing name. Enabling hosting for new domain takes just minutes in azure cloud.

Complete control with on-premise hosting

If you want to completely control all the data and how site is running, use on-premise hosting and deploy Virto Commerce on your own servers.

Scalable & reliable

When hosted on Microsoft Cloud, you have an option to seamlessly scale up and down your own instance based on schedule, traffic or manually. Running on two instances will also improve reliability.

Geo location

Choose where you want instances of Virto Commerce to run from US, Europe to South America and Asia. Virto Commerce can be as easily installed in multiple regions to better serve your local customers.

Free hosting

New business? Microsoft Cloud provides free hosting for up to 10 shared websites. Virto Commerce Community Edition can be easily configured to run in such environment.

Automatic backups

Database can be automatically backed up with a restore points available within the past 35 days.