E procurement software platform. E procurement system.

E procurement, also known as supplier exchange, is the term used to describe the process of obtaining goods and services through the internet.

E procurement platform for B2C, B2B, and B2G is generally provided as a side service by large ERP (enterprise resource planning) providers or as an e procurement software by focused vendors.

Traditional supplies procurement involves physical paper-tracked operations. Today, the Internet evolved to an essential commerce channel and the e procurement system with the use of web-based solutions is going online.

Virto Commerce e procurement solution is the key to optimizing supply chain mechanisms and automating business processes, such as order processing. Among other benefits of this e procurement platform is significant potential for relationship building between a customer and a seller.

It’s a cost-effective e procurement software system that helps streamline purchasing processes eliminating unessential paperwork, providing better control over spending and saving time and resources for your team.

Transform your team’s spending practice

Track spending along with costs and warranty information. Encourage everyone to spend smarter and save on everyday operating costs by using the Virto Commerce’s e procurement software to track inventory items, service and expiration deadlines, stock and more.

Virto Commerce e procurement software system helps stick to the budget, eliminates unwanted spending and really improves savings by enabling buyers, CFOs, CEOs and purchasing management to enforce pre-purchase approvals on a consistent basis and providing them with maximum visibility.

Offering both SaaS and On-Premise Purchasing Software Solutions our e procurement platform is the best way to automation of purchasing processes and control of spending.

Virto Commerce is an e procurement solution your teams will actually enjoy using! The result is you being able to keep better track of costs, a more eager user adoption within your organization, and better informed financial decisions.

Reduce operating costs and enable strategic purchasing

Gain visibility into purchase order (PO) and non-PO spendings across the organization. Virto Commerce e procurement system allows you to track purchases and monitor their status closely helping make the right spending choices. Our e procurement software creates smooth and smart workflows while providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

Great visibility into enterprise-wide spendings that our e procurement system provides helps save budget by spending smarter by showing opportunities to right-size the supply base and negotiate a better contract.

Smart automation of purchasing processes within the Virto Commerce e procurement platform enables the procurement department to spend less time and resources on taking care of the process organization and paperwork and focus more on strategic initiatives that help grow your business.

Build better relationships with your suppliers

Optimizing supply chain mechanisms and automating business processes for online procurement by using the right e procurement system helps lower transaction costs and significantly decrease supply chain risks. Build strategic partnerships by working closely with you suppliers and creating more transparent relationships.

E-Procurement – quick guide
What is e procurement software?
e procurement software

E procurement software is the enterprise system that automates and integrates the spectrum of an organization's procurement cycle. A good e procurement software solution will increase transparency associated with spending and approval processes.

For example, an online procurement as a part of an e procurement system allows customers to browse online catalogs, add goods to the shopping cart, and send requisition. However, online procurement automation goes far beyond the online shopping experience. Online procurement involves many of the procedures, functions, and workflows, which make the e procurement fast and cost-effective. Its implementation allows to reduce manual errors and paper-based processes due to smart automation and visibility of your purchasing mechanism. E procurement platform removes most document operations from the procurement team, which can focus on high-value tasks, not paperwork.

Effective e procurement platform streamlines the procurement procedures and delivers visible cost-saving results.

Of course, e procurement platform offers differ in features and provided options. Some of them are suited for big corporations, while other solutions are less complex and fit better for small or medium businesses.

Offline Procurement processes

Procurement departments have the important role in almost every company regardless of its size.

Procurement employees can be purchasing office supplies or they could be working with the most complex orders for an organization, including wholesale and retail equipment. Procurement solutions are meant to make this process easier and faster.

Procurement system is essentially a set of processes that consist of a number of steps as well as interactions with the other departments of the company and with suppliers. Traditional procurement involves getting quotes and approvals, as well as preparing and submitting purchase orders.

Procurement manager’s responsibilities involve the strategic planning to cut procurement expenses and searching for cost-effective deals and suppliers. A good procurement system provides many opportunities for cost savings that can make a significant difference to a company's budget.

Traditional procurement and electronic procurement solutions both have advantages and disadvantages.

An e procurement system manages an e-commerce web site's offers/bids and can be used interchangeably with procurement software. It is designed to optimize purchasing processes and increase transparency with regard to the spending and approval processes. E-procurement essentially transfers the whole procurement process to the online field eliminating some steps and thus saving budget.

E procurement tools and services

Some companies outsource their e procurement needs to third party procurement service providers (PSPs) that will design and manage internet based procurement programs on their behalf for a fee. Time and resources are required for a company to maintain domain expertise across every facet of spending. Assistance from a PSP increases the likelihood that company buying decisions remain strategic.