E procurement software platform. E procurement system.

E procurement, also known as supplier exchange, is the term used to describe the process of obtaining goods and services through the internet.

E procurement platform for B2C, B2B, and B2G is generally provided as a side service by large ERP (enterprise resource planning) providers or as an e procurement software by focused vendors.

Traditional supplies procurement involves physical paper-tracked operations. Today, the Internet evolved to an essential commerce channel and the e procurement system with the use of web-based solutions is going online.

Virto Commerce e procurement solution is the key to optimizing supply chain mechanisms and automating business processes, such as order processing. Among other benefits of this e procurement platform is significant potential for relationship building between a customer and a seller.

It’s a cost-effective e procurement software system that helps streamline purchasing processes eliminating unessential paperwork, providing better control over spending and saving time and resources for your team.

Transform your team’s spending practice

Track spending along with costs and warranty information. Encourage everyone to spend smarter and save on everyday operating costs by using the Virto Commerce’s e procurement software to track inventory items, service and expiration deadlines, stock and more.

Virto Commerce e procurement software system helps stick to the budget, eliminates unwanted spending and really improves savings by enabling buyers, CFOs, CEOs and purchasing management to enforce pre-purchase approvals on a consistent basis and providing them with maximum visibility.

Offering both SaaS and On-Premise Purchasing Software Solutions our e procurement platform is the best way to automation of purchasing processes and control of spending.

Virto Commerce is an e procurement solution your teams will actually enjoy using! The result is you being able to keep better track of costs, a more eager user adoption within your organization, and better informed financial decisions.

Reduce operating costs and enable strategic purchasing

Gain visibility into purchase order (PO) and non-PO spendings across the organization. Virto Commerce e procurement system allows you to track purchases and monitor their status closely helping make the right spending choices. Our e procurement software creates smooth and smart workflows while providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

Great visibility into enterprise-wide spendings that our e procurement system provides helps save budget by spending smarter by showing opportunities to right-size the supply base and negotiate a better contract.

Smart automation of purchasing processes within the Virto Commerce e procurement platform enables the procurement department to spend less time and resources on taking care of the process organization and paperwork and focus more on strategic initiatives that help grow your business.

Build better relationships with your suppliers

Optimizing supply chain mechanisms and automating business processes for online procurement by using the right e procurement system helps lower transaction costs and significantly decrease supply chain risks. Build strategic partnerships by working closely with you suppliers and creating more transparent relationships.

E-Procurement – quick guide
What is e procurement software?
e procurement software

E procurement software is the enterprise system that automates and integrates the spectrum of an organization's procurement cycle. A good e procurement software solution will increase transparency associated with spending and approval processes.

For example, an online procurement as a part of an e procurement system allows customers to browse online catalogs, add goods to the shopping cart, and send requisition. However, online procurement automation goes far beyond the online shopping experience. Online procurement involves many of the procedures, functions, and workflows, which make the e procurement fast and cost-effective. Its implementation allows to reduce manual errors and paper-based processes due to smart automation and visibility of your purchasing mechanism. E procurement platform removes most document operations from the procurement team, which can focus on high-value tasks, not paperwork.

Effective e procurement platform streamlines the procurement procedures and delivers visible cost-saving results.

Of course, e procurement platform offers differ in features and provided options. Some of them are suited for big corporations, while other solutions are less complex and fit better for small or medium businesses.

Offline Procurement processes

Procurement departments have the important role in almost every company regardless of its size.

Procurement employees can be purchasing office supplies or they could be working with the most complex orders for an organization, including wholesale and retail equipment. Procurement solutions are meant to make this process easier and faster.

Procurement system is essentially a set of processes that consist of a number of steps as well as interactions with the other departments of the company and with suppliers. Traditional procurement involves getting quotes and approvals, as well as preparing and submitting purchase orders.

Procurement manager’s responsibilities involve the strategic planning to cut procurement expenses and searching for cost-effective deals and suppliers. A good procurement system provides many opportunities for cost savings that can make a significant difference to a company's budget.

Traditional procurement and electronic procurement solutions both have advantages and disadvantages.

An e procurement system manages an e-commerce web site's offers/bids and can be used interchangeably with procurement software. It is designed to optimize purchasing processes and increase transparency with regard to the spending and approval processes. E-procurement essentially transfers the whole procurement process to the online field eliminating some steps and thus saving budget.

E procurement tools and services

Some companies outsource their e procurement needs to third party procurement service providers (PSPs) that will design and manage internet based procurement programs on their behalf for a fee. Time and resources are required for a company to maintain domain expertise across every facet of spending. Assistance from a PSP increases the likelihood that company buying decisions remain strategic.

E procurement tools and services - eRequester
Procurement has never been much easier than with eRequester. The system is essential for control over the finances, corporate spending and approval workflow. eRquester has become popular among users for its ease of use, great value for the money, and great customer satisfaction. This e procurement software will allow you to integrate accounting systems along with other customized solutions for your business: online requisitions, online approvals of purchase, control of the budget, integrated web and mobile interfaces, management of expenses, approvals of invoices etc. Overall, this solution will be able to help automate the procurement process, reduce errors in duplication in the data entry, eliminate needless paperwork in the databases, reduce unclassified spending, and encourage the use of preferred vendors, which can reduce costs for the company by enabling better costs and terms.

WorkPlace Req and Procurement

Feature-packed web-based procurement software that brings automation to your procure to pay process. Receive seamless integration of budget compliance, RFQ, RFP, invoice match, vendor contract enforcement, vendor portal, contract enforcement, etc. The platform can be run as a standalone solution or integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, Blackbaud Financial Edge, Netsuite, Acumatica. Any sorts of requisitions are accessible through the system and the flow is seamless. Save yourself from the loads of paperwork and enjoy the benefits of this web-based procurement system. The only minor disadvantage of the platform may appear in the absence of training for using the platform.
E procurement tools and services - WorkPlace Req and Procurement
E procurement tools and services - Procurify
Procurify is a cloud-based e procurement system and spend solution that was designed for various creative companies. It has been gaining more and more popularity among users for its impeccable features and seamless integration with multiple systems. With Procurify, spending management has never been easier due to their perfected order to payment cycle process. Every single integrated feature in Procurify is created for your usage to make the request and purchase management process seamless and smooth: it is so easy, that you won’t need any special training. With this solution, you will receive a revolutionary budget-control plan to manage and minimize all of your expenses.

Another major advantage of this procurement platform is that it is cloud-based and does not need to be upgraded manually, no maintenance hassle whatsoever.

The spendings management has never been easier, and it also inspires business owners to get rid of the external solutions, unnecessary paperwork, and burdened expenditure. The platform makes it easier for the businesses to verify and centralize the available information, by giving them the necessary set of user controls, making Procurify a well-rounded solution for your needs. Agility is the top priority for the Procurify and they have tailored their solution to follow just that. Workflows are immediate and allow for an easy deciding during critical situations. If you are a mid-sized company, Procurify is a go-to spendings management solution. It is popular among hundreds of companies around the world. All the financial departments will be able to benefit from using Procurify and enhance their company’s spending culture.


Cloud-based procurement solution with over 650 clients all over the world. SynerTrade Accelerate is world’s leader in flexible digital procurement solutions that help companies to move to a digital way of the procurement process. The platform itself is capable to cover all of the steps of the process and is valued for its ease of use, powerful functionality. The support community is tremendous and the company is willing to help its customers in 10 world languages with 24/7 support. With more than 650 clients worldwide, SynerTrade is one of the global market leaders of Flexible Digital Procurement Solutions for the digitalization of companies’ procurement processes.
E procurement tools and services - Accelerate

Its SaaS platform, SynerTrade Accelerate, covers the entire procurement process, recognized for its simplicity and easy to use functionality. SynerTrade operates in over 20 offices worldwide and offers 24/7 support in 10 languages to help clients optimize more than 600 billion dollars of annual spendings. The company is a pioneer in procurement solutions and is well-suited for mid to large-sized companies. With this innovative platform, it has never been much easier to save money, communicate with traders and departments within the company.

E procurement tools and services - Gatekeeper
Agile, powerful and simple to operate, cloud-based procurement solution that is operated by an AI. Automation has never been so powerful as with this solution: get improved control over suppliers and contracts, receive automated alerts about the key dates, manage risks and workloads, closely monitor files and messages. An additional thing that is valued in the platform is its intuitive user interface, with great integrations of existing processes and the ability to engage users to maximize the benefits of the platform. Including effective tools in the systems, the platform does the second to none job in managing all of the paperwork and transitioning your business to the cloud. Providing effective solutions seems to be the first priority of the company and it is doing at a high standard.

The only minor disadvantage that may appear while using this product is its slow acceptance of current technologies like eSignature, etc. It takes longer time for them to adapt to new standards. However, with this platform, there is no more need in using the outdated excel.


One of the most innovative Procurement System companies out there and might well be how the spendings management will be handled in the future decades. Tradogram tools are flexible and customizable, capable of dealing with requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, requests for quote and requests for proposals, delivery tracking. It will help you to determine your future goals and will provide you with all the tools necessary to do just that. It has also become very easy to manage user permissions, locations, company budgets and spending, catalog items, supplier and manufacturer management, etc. Latest security features and cutting-edge agility is available to you at a reasonable price and with intuitive handling.
E procurement tools and services - Tradogram

The software will greatly aid you in improving your efficiency and reducing the costs by creatively controlling your procurement workflows. Be on top of your contracts and any acquisition processes by knowing the moment when you need to send the request or negotiate the renewal. If you like to be in total control of all the processes in your company from product and supplier side, Tradogram may be just the right e procurement platform for you.

E procurement tools and services - Precoro
Its main goal is to make the procurement process easy and help you work towards decreased spending. By automating many tedious tasks like purchase quote, purchase request, RFP, RFQ, RFI, it will reduce the amount of manual work your employees need to do and will increase the productivity of your procurement and finance departments. With Precoro, it has never been easier to accelerate the entire expense management process and to facilitate the process of purchasing goods for your business. With Precoro, you will be able to benefit from a steady and reliable purchasing process eliminating the mundane tasks.

With unique data collection system in place, this platform will give you an improved visibility over all of the spending processes in your company and will help you handle the documents in the central, organized database. If you are a company that creates products regularly, this solution will be a perfect choice for handling your orders and budget; it has all the e procurement tools necessary for the successful budget management and control over your finances. If you are a small or mid-sized company, you will be satisfied with the benefits Precoro offers to you, aiding you in your successful money-saving campaigns.


Despite the fact that such a large number of solutions are available to the users today, ProcureEngine may catch your attention as the one that best fits as a Reverse/Forward Auction Platform. It was created considering the needs of its customers: maximize spending and reduce the costs, with potential further investments. With this tool, you will maximize the transparency of all of the phases of the purchasing process, minimize allegations and unfair practices. Also, with the centralization of all of the documents, you will reduce the time of negotiation between you and suppliers/manufacturers.
E procurement tools and services - ProcurEngine

With ProcurEngine, you will receive transparent process of procurement with the approach that is centered towards the customer. The software makes sure that the information is centralized and accessible at any given time, giving you the ability to create precise audits with less effort. ProcureEngine is flexible and can be accessed anywhere in the world, deployed on premise or in the cloud. It is fully compliant with any standards and adheres to all of the guidelines in the industry.

E procurement tools and services - SAP SRM
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) provided by SAP is a cutting-edge solution that will help you manage your supplier side, organize your contracts and reduce effort from your procurement process. With this particular procurement system, you will be able to maintain the high output for your company, while drastically reducing the costs. The platform helps you standardize the goods and services acquisition process, as well as allows you to make sure your money is spent in the right places, reducing procurement expenses. With SAP SRM, you will receive unique ways of managing your business processes with essential suppliers and improving their efficiency. In SAP SRM procurement methods are highly optimized, giving you more flexibility while working with the supplier pool, in the future resulting in attracting more beneficial supporters.

With SAP procurement system, you will manage all your business-related documents in real time, which enables you to optimize the process as a whole and create new bonds with the suppliers. It has never been easier to expedite the procurement process and foster relationships with suppliers, than with SAP SRM procurement solution.


One of the major innovators on the market of procurement systems, TradeGecko has been helping companies in more than 84 countries to increase their revenues while reducing their costs. TradeGecko is very flexible, yet easily scalable. It accommodates the needs of companies of any size. With this platform, every business can enhance productivity and automate processes using the robust feature set provided by the platform. The system will also give you an additional depiction of trends that are relevant to your business, and give important advice on how to optimize the assets of the company. But TradeGecko’s functionality doesn’t just stop at that. With it, you will get the accounting, invoicing, order/sales/reporting management features which will greatly extend the functionality of your business. At its core, the functionality stems from the intuitive and well-designed user interface, that brings users rich inventory and cutting-edge technology.
E procurement tools and services - TradeGecko

All of the data about the product is neatly organized and can also be customized to show the preferred data selections for users. The company is good at gathering intelligence about the product and will be able to help you file RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs automatically, based on your inventory. With TradeGecko, all of the orders and sales are closely monitored and can even be automated in order to quote. After the deal closing, the system tracks payments and shipments in real time, saving you time and money. With TradeGecko, you will manage your procurement as never before and will enjoy the great deal of automation that the system brings to you at a reasonable price.