Import your shopify store

Shopify importer is an extension for Virto Commerce that allows you to completely migrate your shopify store to the Virto Commerce platform. Import products, variations, images, prices, inventory, customers and themes. Extension is available as an open source project, so anyone can contribute and improve it.

Status: Available

Versions: 2.4

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  • Create experience your customers deserve Shopify is designed for small businesses and offers a generic one size fits all checkout experience that you can customize using css. However such customizations are only cosmetic and don't offer a way to dramatically improve your customer experience resulting in lost opportunities and revenue. With Virto Commerce you'll be able to completely change how customers shop and purchase your products. Want to offer special terms and pricing for your partners and vendors? Want to allow your vendors to have custom stores with their own themes? Virto Commerce allows all this and much more with innovative B2B features.
  • Leverage Shopify investments
    We know it takes a lot of effort to launch your store. That is why we tried to make sure the work you put into creating your shopify store is not wasted. In addition to migrating all your products and images, we will also migrate your unique shopify theme and templates, pages and blogs so you can get up and running in no time.
  • Keep Growing Virto commerce supports multiple stores, multiple currencies, multiple languages. Expand to new countries or regions, build your vendor specific stores, integrate POS systems, all this is possible with Virto Commerce and our AppStore.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with Open Platform Don't get stuck using closed source e-Commerce product or saas platform. Ecommerce is constantly evolving and you can't afford to wait for your vendor to release that crucial new feature. Stay ahead of your competition by utilizing Virto Commerce, the open source platform that is constantly (daily!) evolving.
  • Cloud Hosting Virto Commerce can be easily deployed to Microsoft Cloud (Azure) that offers the most advanced hosting features. Deploy your store to data centers located close to your customers to improve site responsiveness.
  • Virto Commerce Experts Virto Commerce is developed using well known Microsoft .NET technology and you won't have any problems finding developers to customize it for you. We are happy to recommend reliable solution partners that have experience in building stores with Virto Commerce for any budget.
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  • Windows Azure
  • Elasticsearch
  • Microsoft.NET
  • CSS 3, HTML 5, Jquery, Bootstrap
  • Angular JS