Virto Commerce platform roadmap

Our roadmap is defined on Virto Commerce's GitHub page. You can submit your suggestions or discuss specific features there. Below are just some highlights of what has been done recently, and what new features are planned for upcoming months.

Being an agile company, we constatnly evaluate the feedback from our customers and keep track of platform improvement processes.  Here you can see our platform roadmap for the next six months since the last update. 

Virto Commerce platform v3: From beta to general availability (ongoing)

Virto Commerce Platform v3 is in beta now.  The goal is to shift version 3 to the general availability phase. 

CMS Landing Page Builder (ongoing)

GUI Editor to allow marketing teams to quickly build landing pages.



Order Approval Workflow (ongoing)

This functionality has been used by many of our existing clients and we will now include it as part of the default features in Virto Commerce.

Bulk Product Editing in the UI (ongoing)

Bulk updates to product data in the UI: bulk editing product properties, moving products to other categories and catalogs.

Webhooks Implementation for Orders module

Create Web Hooks API to allow for easier integration with external systems.


The content presentation layer will be separated from the business logic and functional layer.  All the functionality that the platform has is exposed as various API's that fully satisfy the main principles of SOA (Service-oriented architecture).

Full Context Searching in a Storefront

Use a generic search engine to search a storefront for both products and text.

Generic Data Import

A dedicated module with high extensibilty for importing data from integrated modules by using csv, json, or files in other formats. 

Property Management Improvements

Property role-based access, property render type management, properties grouping.

Product Data Versioning

Persist multiple versions of the product data and allow reverting to previous version if needed.

Direct Links to Entities

Direct URLs for key entities: products, categories, contacts, orders.

Generic Data Export (Released)

A dedicated module with high extensibility for exporting any data ranges, from integrated modules by using files in CSV, json or other formats.