Solution Architect Training Courses

The most effective way to start designing your complex e-commerce solution

Senior Developers and Solution Architects


2 days

  • Virto Commerce Fundamentals
  • Architect Great Solutions

Comfortable using Azure, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Web API and C#.

Upcoming sessions & course overview

Upcoming sessions

  • Offered exclusively online at the moment. Available dates on request. 

Course overview 
This course is the most effective way to start designing your complex e-commerce solution using our platform and its broad range of additional modules and APIs. It's an instructor-led training course, incorporating real-world examples of enterprise B2B e-commerce deployments and best practices. You learn how to design, build and continuously improve the architecture of your solution.  
Students during this course will master Virto Commerce's capabilities, features and best practices for using it in real-life projects. Virto Commerce is designed as an API-driven, headless e-commerce platform to help building large and complex digital commerce solutions for B2B, B2C or B2B2C businesses, marketplaces and derived SaaS commerce platforms.  

After students complete this course, they will:  

  • Understand the benefits of Virto Commerce architecture 
  • Be familiar with the Virto Commerce design principles, technologies and tools  
  • Be able to incorporate security into your architecture design  
  • A scale system to handle the load, identifying network bottlenecks and optimizing storage performance  
  • Handle infrastructure and service failure recover from the loss  
  • Design for efficiency and operations 
  • Integrate the solution with another business ecosystem 

Training modules

Enrich your Virto Commerce skills with additional developer training


Interested in Virto Commerce, but aren't quite sure what it can do for you? This half-day course is the place to start.


Learn how to design and build secure, scalable, performant solutions on Virto Commerce platform by examining the core principles found in every good architecture in this 1.5-day class. 

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